Outdoor Walking Desk Instructional Kit


Introducing the World's First Ergonomic Outdoor Walking Desk!

Download for free the Outdoor Walking Desk Instructional Kit, a PDF that shows you the best items to buy and how to assemble them to make your own Outdoor Walking Desk. Dozens of alternatives have been researched for each part to buy, and only the best options are recommended to you. No drilling or power tools required!

Table of Contents:

  • Parts to buy
  • Instructional steps to assemble
  • FAQ
  • Additional photos for reference

Are you tired of being stuck inside all day, sitting at a desk for hours on end? Do you wish you could get some fresh air while still being productive? If so, I have the perfect solution for you - the Outdoor Walking Desk!

How I came up with this:

I read Stephen Wolfram’s productivity tips, the founder of Wolfram Alpha. He talked about how his resting heart rate improved when working and walking outside in comparison to walking and working inside. This inspired me to try what he had. I felt it was insufficient, so I set out to make the best and most ergonomic Outdoor Walking Desk I could.

More Background (for those unconvinced)

This unique design for an Outdoor Walking Desk is designed to help you stay active and productive at the same time. With the Walking Desk, you can work on your laptop while getting fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature. Walking outdoors has been shown to improve your heart health, especially compared to sitting indoors all day. And when you use the Walking Desk, you can burn calories, increase your step count, and get your heart rate up a bit all while staying focused on your work.

The Walking Desk is the perfect alternative to an indoor treadmill desk. While a treadmill desk is a great way to stay active while working, it can be limiting in terms of the environment you can work in. With the Outdoor Walking Desk, you can work in any outdoor (or indoor) environment.

So why wait? Take control of your health and productivity today by assembling your own Outdoor Walking Desk. With our comprehensive guide, you'll have everything you need to create a desk that fits your needs and helps you stay active and productive. Download your free PDF guide today and start assembling your own walking desk!

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Download this for free! If you found much value from it, consider coming back & supporting it with a few bucks. I spent lots of hours researching & testing the Outdoor Walking Desk.

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Outdoor Walking Desk Instructional Kit

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